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    25.3L Digital Commercial Rapid Cook Microwave Convection Oven NT-PROKc

    25.3L Digital Commercial Rapid Cook Microwave Convection Oven NT-PROKc

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    Product Dimension WxDxH: 670X780X600 MM;
    Chamber Dimension WxDxH: 325x380x205 MM;
    Capacity : 25.3 Liter;

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    Model: NT-PROKc
    Product Dimension WxDxH: 670X780X600 MM
    Chamber Dimension WxDxH: 325X380X205 MM
    Capacity: 25.3 Liter
    Weight: 103 KG
    Power: 6 KW
    Voltage (1 Phase): 220V-240V/50Hz
    Current: 24.1A - 22.1A
    Voltage (3 Phase) *: 380V-415V/50Hz
    Current*: 8.1A - 7.4A
    Stock Menu: 8
    Material: Stainless Steel 304
    Control: Digital Control
    Heating Mode: Hot Air Convection, Microwave and Top Radian
    Steam Moisture*: Matching, Need to Increase
    Humidity(steam): Optional
    Control Panel: Kitchen Brains Made in USA
    Magnetron: Panasonic Made in Japan

    Good for: Western Restaurant, QSR, Pizza and Sandwich store, Dinner, Convenience store, all-day store, Bar and Coffee Shop, Chain restaurants etc.
    Suitable for: Frozen Chicken Wings, Frozen Pizza, Frozen Sausages, Salmon, Steak, Chicken Pie, Sandwich, Croissant, Burger, all kinds of chilled or frozen snacks etc.
    Typical Cooking Times: Pizza:50 sec
                                          Chicken Cutlet :90 sec
                                          Steak: 90 sec
                                          Salmon:100 sec

    Rapid Microwave Cook Oven TT-PROKc

    1. Digital Control, easy to operate
    2. With stock and self-setting menus, easy to cook
    3. With vertical hot air impingement and convection, food is heated rapidly and evenly, food is crisp, tasty and with attractive color.
    4. Microwave heats food inside-out rapidly.
    5. With combination of microwave inside-out and hot air impingement outside-in, it is able to cook food in more ways.
    6. With upper and lower hot air and convection fan, temperature is even
    7. Microwave cover chamber evenly
    8. Microwave unfreeze and reheat food to avoid dry food and keep original taste
    9. With top radian heater, food surface can be browned in crisp, with attractive color
    10. With steam moisturizing (optional), food can be cooked to be not dry.
    11. The oil box, Centralized collection of the extra oil, convenient and clean
    12. With S/S internal chamber, easy clean
    13. With S/S lampblack filter, less exhaust and environmental pollution
    14. Ergonomic handle design, beautiful, and effort.
    15. When opening door, first stop and fully open

    See Video: How to Use the Rapid Cook Oven to Cook the Pizza in 2 Minutes

    See various food cooking time in the rapid cook oven

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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name 25.3L Digital Commercial Rapid Cook Microwave Convection Oven NT-PROKc
    Approval Without CE
    Capacity 25.3 Liters
    Control Digital
    Stock Menu 8 Menus
    Power 6 KW
    Clearance No
    User Manual
    No User Manual found.

    Customer Reviews

    Laud Review by Meta
    It is a good oven that better than ordinary microwave oven.Good! (Posted on 6/15/2017)

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