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    Bakery Cases

    If you want to raise your sales of your bakery shop, then you need to have a colorful and attractive bakery display case. It is very much needed to present your product to your customers in a perfect way. Every customer likes the products which are displayed in an attractive way and looks pretty. For this, a fine-looking display case is mandatory and you can find them from us.

    Twothousand Machinery® provides you different kinds of polished and stunning bakery display cases for your bakery shop. Our bakery display cases have various designs and sizes which can attract customers a lot. Additionally, these cases are long lasting. 

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    Various Bakery Display Cases:

    All of our bakery display cases are refrigerated. We mainly differentiate our bakery cases according to our customers’ need. We have our own large collection of refrigerated bakery display cases which include door type or floor type cases.

    The cases of refrigerated bakery display differ based on temperatures. The temperature of the display case can be hot or cold. Some refrigerator cases have two parts which contain both hot and cold temperature. These are called combined refrigerated bakery cases. The price of these cases is being offered based on the size and temperature.

    • Door Type Display Cases: We offer you an ultimate collection of door type refrigerated bakery display case. These cases can be opened like a door. There are many shelves in these. Door type cases are mainly categorized based on the number of shelves. Some shelves contain 2 and some contain 3 to 4 shelves. Moreover, these cases can be back door opened, both front and back door opened or only front door open based. Since there are many shelves in these cases of refrigerated bakery display, it can be easy for you to keep many items together here and draw your customer’s attention.
    • Floor Type Display Cases: These cases contain one to 5 shelves. There is only a sliding door which is placed in the back of the cases. So, you need to open it from behind of the cases. These particular bakery cases are called floor type cases, because of their flat size. Most of our floor type cases are wide and contain many shelves. Also we offer various colors and designs. 
    • Customized Bakery Display Cases: Another type of our refrigerated bakery case includes customized cases. We give our customer an opportunity to customize their bakery case on their own. Customers give us their desired color and shape and according to their needs we try to provide them their desired customized bakery cases. 

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