The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition is an international trade fair, held in Shanghai, it is the biggest communication arena in China. The trade fair is organized basically for sharing the latest information and equipment used in the industry.


There will have lots of product show in the exposition and you can clearly know how to use it, what services they offer and others. This show is a good chance for all of you to get the professional know-how and the latest information about the machine you want.


The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition 

It is an opportunity for us to meet our old clients and establish a new relationship with a new friend. From 2019. Apr.1 to 2019. Apr. 4, we are in the Booth NO. E1G17, demonstrate the blast chiller and freezer, mixers, turnover machine, and frozen yogurt blender machine.


The blast chiller freezer can keep food fresh for a long time. The speed and temperature are the keys of the machine, no matter the food is hot or cold, it still takes little time to get -30℃ to freeze the food. The space of volume and freezing temperatures can be adjusted to meet customer request and needs.


Blast Chiller Freezer 


The mixer is simple to use, work stable and have various colors, we accept customize if the clients need. The mixer has 10 years guarantee because of the high-quality gearbox. For the quality and the accuracy, we process all the gears and the important components by our own factory.


Planetary Food Mixer 


The turnover machine is the best assistant for kitchen, bakery and so on, it can simplify the process of making empanadas. Producing a wonderful empanada just one step, it can press variety pies and seal a perfect edge. An easy and fast operation machine will save your time and labor.


Pie Maker Turnover Machine 


Frozen yogurt blender is an automatic button blender that blends yogurt or ice cream with endless varieties of nuts, fruits, biscuit, and other ingredients. The final product you make is low in butterfat, naturally blended, flavored and colored with fresh fruit. You can make different flavor ice to satisfy different need.


Frozen Yogurt Blender Machine 


In all, all the machine from Grandchill Refrigeration are the top equipment that is highly functional, work stable and durable. If you want to know more details on our machine, coming to the Booth NO. E1G17, we are waiting for you.