Commercial mixers are considered to be of great importance in terms of food service operation and so are seen in most bakeries and restaurants. These kinds of mixers are known to be very useful and so versatile pieces of equipment that everyone should consider.  Due to numbers of different attachments as well as features there will be an assurance that mixers will serve as an important asset in a commercial kitchen. One among the most popular mixers utilized by many is the stand mixer.

Red or White Color Stand Mixer

Commercial stand mixers might as well come into different styles along with numerous features making as great response to your needs. These mixers are as well made due to numbers of purposes. It could be to handle different workloads within the entire day and so some mixers are made to create small batches of loads. In addition, commercial stand mixer has different measurements for the purpose of mixing the right quantity of those ingredients and so to provide you the best output as well. And one of the best-selling stand mixers available in the market today is the 7L Full Gear Driven Heavy Duty Commercial Stand Mixer.

From among the wide options of commercial stand mixers in the market, this one has the ability to stand out from the rest. Some of the best features that this product offers would include the following:

1.Digital Control, 5 Pre-Set Speed
2.Max Mixing Flour Capacity 1.0 Kg
3.Full Gear Driven Transmission
4.Lifting Bowl
5.European CE Certified

More Details For You to Know This Stand Mixer

This stand mixer has a bowl capacity of 7 litres and a maximum flour capacity of 1.0 kg. It also has a speed of 230-580 RPM with a power of 650 W and its voltage is 220V50HZ. 7L Full Gear Driven Heavy Duty Commercial Stand Mixer has a size of 460 x 340 x 520 MM and also weighs 21 kilograms. In terms of its function, it is considered to be digitally controlled and so full gear driven as well. It has 5 speed and variable speed along with plastic safety guard. And it as well features dough arm, egg beater and a flat beater.

In addition, 7L Full Gear Driven Heavy Duty Commercial Stand Mixer is considered to be on the top among the choices of customers about commercial stand mixers due to its affordability. Aside from providing highest quality as commercial stand mixer and great functions as well it also provides the assurance of being affordable perfect to those with tight budget. The quality of the product will never be compromised though the price is affordable.

So, there will never be doubt that 7L Full Gear Driven Heavy Duty Commercial Stand Mixer is popular in the market now. With high quality features and functions along with affordability no doubt that most stand mixer users will consider this product as on the top. If in case you are in need of commercial stand mixer choosing 7L Full Gear Driven Heavy Duty Commercial Stand Mixer is the wisest decision you could ever make.