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    Empanadas Maker

    This turnover maker machine is the perfect piece of equipment to make the production of all sorts of popular filled dough products including calzones, empanadas, pastries, turnovers, and samosas fast and efficient. It only takes a minute to train an employee to produce a consistent product with speed and precision. It can create big profits for your business.

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    Waffle Maker

    A commercial waffle maker machine is a great addition to any commercial kitchen. They are extensively used in any restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, or other food-service business to make Belgian waffles, waffle cones, bubble waffles. It will be a perfect unit that can take your breakfast menu to the next level and provide your customers with the comfort food they crave.

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    Dough Mixer

    High-performance variable speed spiral dough mixer from Twothousand Machinery, from 10 liters to 66 liters capacity, is perfect for commercial use like the bakeries, restaurants to prepare a high demand of dough for popular dough products.

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    Commercial Food Mixer

    A commercial planetary mixer is an indispensable tool in any commercial kitchen, for the cafeterias, caterers, restaurants, bakeries, and much more. These machines are small in size but big on power. With the commercial food mixer, you could process and make lots of food, including egg whites, heavy bread dough, whipped cream, cookie dough, and more. 

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    Clamshell Dough Press

    Our brand-new economical type easy operation pizza dough press machine flattens the dough ball into uniform crusts in a little time. With this dough press, you could easily press a variety of dough types for making the Mexican Tortilla, Pizza Crust, Pita Bread, Chapati, Parathas, and Lavash that kind of food. 

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    Dough Press

    You could make many kinds of popular dough products like Chapati, Pita Bread, Parathas, Lavash, and Mexican Tortilla that kind of food with this single unit ME-P18M dough press machine. It is perfect for Schools, Cafes, Pizzeria to meet the medium to the high demand for pressed dough.

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