Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd from China, a professional kitchen equipment supplier. And this time we would like to introduce our practical commercial immersion hand blender to you and look forward to a further extension of pleasant business relation with you.


Immersion Hand Blender from Twothousand Machinery


We Twothousand Machinery supply all kinds of immersion blenders for restaurant, catering business, cafeteria, or dining hall and more for food preparation. The immersion blender is widely used for blending the vegetables, mixing chop soft produce, whip cream, puree soups, and making butter.


Commercial Immersion Hand Blender


With a simple construction design, this commercial immersion blender is easier to install and operate than other kinds of blenders. The power DC motor and the auto-reset fuse of the blender makes a stable work and ensures a safe working environment. All the shaft, bar and blade are made of stainless steel, which provides a long lifetime and convenient movement. The commercial immersion blender has variable speed and size, you can consider the type of business you run and choose the right one. And you should know the speed and the mixing tool will be different if you are going to blend different kinds of food like soup and fruit juice. Various powers, speeds, sizes and 12 months warranty of our commercial immersion blender, we hope it will be your top-priority choice when you want to buy the blender.



Immersion Stick Blender


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We are a professional commercial immersion blender supplier from China.