The Hotelex Shanghai is an international trade exhibition held in Shanghai specifically for the hospitality industry aimed to showcase and demonstrate the latest machines and equipment used in the industry. The trade fair is organized basically for sharing information and it is the biggest communication arena in China.


The exposition offers companies the opportunity to show experts in food, the professional know-how and to give the latest information about the equipment, the trendy models, products and services and how they are to be used and handled. By all means, the fair was a grand opening.


Grandchill Refrigeration at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition 


From the setup of equipment to hands-on practical demonstration and the interaction sessions left positive responses from visitors that Grand chill products are the best in terms of optimum equipment delivery, with this intention, attending the event was another contingency to meet with old clients, friends and know new clients who are willing to patronize the Grand chill products.


Our frozen yogurt ice blend machine made a buzz, attracting attention, inquiries on how it is to be used. It indeed pulled audience at the event. The frozen yogurt ice blend machine has a unique capability to mix different flavors of ice cream with plain yogurt taste gelato and other ingredients.


The user-friendly one-button automated machine enables the user mixes hard scoop frozen yogurt gelato with a bunch of fresh fruits, nuts, and other additives. The frozen yogurt ice blend machine equips virtually limitless mixes of taste you can't forget in a hurry, granting you and your customer's delicious yogurts and ice cream whenever.


Blended Frozen Yogurt by the Frozen Yogurnt Blender Machine 


Comparatively, the combination of the freezing display showcase was designed specifically for the frozen yogurts blending machine. There's the terrace for the frozen yogurts and ice cream blend machine to which to display the stored fruits. This display showcase is ideal for ice cream chain shop.


Our 28years experience in refrigeration showcase has in time shown convincingly strength that our gelato showcase has proven to be good in achievement and our elegant designs are being accepted.


The blast chiller freezer notably captivated the attention of nearly all domestic restaurants, ice cream chain shop, and seafood distributors.


Stand Mixers at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition


The volume space and freezing temperatures can be adjusted to meet customer request and needs. Clients knew that Grand chill refrigeration products options is the best and will always improve the abilities of the products in every exhibition.


Additionally, the 7 liters’ countertop mixer is fashionable equipment in different colors trends, from lady’s pink to manly camouflage. Our products have no limit when it comes to our customers taste and design, In Grand chill refrigeration equipment. Our values are made specially to fit in to meet your food processing at home and commercially.


Grandchill Refrigeration at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition


Generally speaking, all Grand chill products are top of the notch equipment that is highly functional and durable. Our classic freezing machine and mixer have no limits to their usage. However, to meet the client’s requirements, Grand chill refrigeration is most willing to customize products to meet client taste and expectation.