What is the soft ice cream machine?

Soft ice cream machine is an automatic electromechanical device specially designed to produce soft ice cream, the soft ice cream produced is particularly delicate, round and smooth. Suitable for all kinds of ice cream shops, western restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cinemas, etc., where there are many requirements for ice cream production and taste.

 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Assembling Line 2

What is the working principle of the ice cream machine?

The working process is to feed the liquid raw materials into the material container, and the raw materials are uniformly mixed with the air under the action of the air pump and sent to the freezing container. The expanded milk slurry is stirred and gradually cooled in the freezing cylinder, and the viscosity is increased. When the desired viscosity is reached, it is pushed to the outlet by the screw conveyor, the outlet is opened, and the machine extrudes the finished soft ice cream.

 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Assembling Line

The main components of the cooling system of the ice cream machine.

Compressors, condensers, evaporators, these three parts are an important part of the cooling system of the ice cream machine.



According to the structure of the ice cream machine compressor, it can be divided into a non-closed compressor, semi-closed compressor, and fully enclosed compressor.

Most of the currently used on the market are closed compressors.

The compressor is a driven fluid machine that promotes low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas and is the heart of the refrigeration system. So, a good compressor is the key to determining whether the machine is properly cooled and used.

The main compressor brands on the market are Embraco, Tecumseh, Danfoss, Zanussi.




The condenser is a kind of refrigeration system. It is a kind of heat exchanger. It can convert gas or vapor into liquid, and transfer the heat in the pipe to the air near the pipe in a fast way. The condenser working process is an exothermic process, so the condenser temperature is high.


Evaporator Insulation Foam 


The evaporator is a very important component in refrigeration. The low-temperature condensed liquid passes through the evaporator and exchanges heat with the outside air to vaporize and absorb heat to achieve the cooling effect.


There are many kinds of soft ice cream machine in the market, there are two points should be considered:  


*Pre-Cooling system:

The pre-cooling function of the ice cream machine refers to the preservation function of the raw materials of the ice cream machine.

The soft ice cream machine with pre-cooling function can ensure the long-term taste of the raw materials and prolong the storage time of the ice cream machine without cooling.

First, it can save costs and will not cause waste of ice cream.

Second, the ice cream machine with pre-cooling function is faster and shorter in making ice cream than the ice cream machine without pre-cooling function.



The air pump can provide the proper air to the ice cream when mix, making the ice cream smooth and soft and can produce the double output of the ice cream, thus making a profit.

As more and more young people like ice cream and ice cream-related food, the ice cream has been upgraded in different color and flavors. At present, the most popular products in the market are tricolor and rainbow ice cream, so according to the requirements of taste and color, the ice cream machine has 3 discharge ports and 5 discharge ports. Also, in order to suit for different size of the shop, there are the tabletop type and vertical stand type can be chosen.

 Table Top Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine


Ice cream, as an increasingly popular snack, the choice of an ice cream machine for the factory and the choice of ice cream machine for the operator, has become an important issue.