The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition includes domestic and import pavilions. The domestic pavilions are mainly experienced companies in the industry developed in China. And the import pavilions are mainly international famous brand pavilions. Being a world-class trade fair, here you can almost find any kitchen equipment from the food prep system to waste cleaning system like blast chillers, ice cream showcase, food mixers and so on.

2019 Grandchill Refrigeration Hotelex Shanghai Fair Booth 

We Grandchill Refrigeration, a New Zealand and China joint venture, a professional manufacturing enterprise, we are fortunate to participate in this trade fair to exchange our industrial information, meet our clients and exhibit our famous brand-new products, like frozen yogurt blender, blast chillers freezer, ice cream showcase, and planetary mixer. After participating in this fair, here I would like to share something with you guys.


During this exhibition, over 200 visitors come from different countries like French, Italy, Germany, Russia, Columbia, Mexico and America visited us and show great interests in our products and service. It is an enjoyable time talking with friendly friends to know their requirement inside and out and let them fully understand our products and service.

Over 200 Vistors at Our Grandchill Refrigeration Booth 

Thanks for the platform the Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition provided, we could know more about the latest industry information. And thanks for the clients’ recognition of our products and service, which will always motivate us to do better in this industry. With an excellent service team, professional product technical specialists, we have full confidence to create the maximum value for our client, and you may rest assured that the products and service you received will be the best.


Frozen yogurt blender, one of the Grandchill Refrigeration hot items we showed in the Shanghai Hotelex Fair. We also use it to make the delicious ice cream in our booth. Visitors showed high interests on this machine and consulted for further information. We always get high appreciation from our clients on it. Its good assistant with your business. With this machine, it just several steps for you to make ice cream, and blend chilled fruits, nuts, and other ingredients.


With a high-efficiency refrigeration system and superb quality, our blast chiller freezer meets most clients’ need. You can use it to store meat, vegetable, and cake, etc. It can quickly lower the temperature to ensures the food’s quality and controls the bacteria. The best assistant with food stores.

Blast Chiller Freezer On Grandchill 2019 Hotelex Shanghai Fair 

Planetary mixer, eyes attractive item. The planetary mixers not only have an elegant appearance to catch people’s eyes but also have a simple operation to help with people, which is something that really matters when people choose it.


Trust us, we will spare no efforts to provide you the best products and service. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more info.

Our Sales Team at the Grandchill Hotelex Fair