Are you in search of cheap and good quality kitchen equipment from China? Twothousand machinery is among the best options you should consider. We have been supplying the best and the most secured kitchen equipment for over a decade. We have years of overseas shipment experience, with guaranteed purchase from the maker to your location. Among the advantages our customers get is the constant availability of our design engineers to create customers desired kitchen using CAD, we also render the perfect 3D kitchen image for free.


The Training Of Refrigerated Bakery Case The Training of Cake Display Showcase


We render services to all the continents and locations of the world; our professional shipping department makes sure they collect the updated freight rate from different shipping ports. Our own shipping agent handles shipments to different roots and they are in a smooth relationship with countless shipping companies. Also, we offer air express and urgent cargo to satisfy our customers.

Recently, the sales teams were trained on refrigerated gelato and bakery display case by our professionals, technicians and sales managers. At the conclusion of the training, the sales team understood perfectly the refrigeration principle and how the gelato ice cream display freezer and refrigerated bakery display case works. Inclusive is the proper knowledge of the suitable product to be recommended for our customers because customers are different and the compactable products are recommended to enhance productivity and create a platform for better and longer relationship.


 The Training of Gelato Display Freezer Training of Cake Display Case


I can conclusively say that, with our experiences and constant training, Twothousand machinery has a vast knowledge of kitchen equipment and we understand the working principles behind the gelato ice cream display freezer and refrigerated bakery display case.  Why disturb yourself with your kitchen hassle? We are available to give you the best you can get in the world. We are reliable, strong and dependable. We are Twothousand machinery.