Fairs are the extraordinary events where buyers and sellers get a chance to meet. Sellers get a chance to show off their equipment to potential buyers. Recently in October Twothousand Machinery attended the Host fair in Milan from 20th to 24 October, which was quite a turn over for the company. The Host fair is famous for being the place where innovation and quality meet which is a must attend for all professionals around the globe for getting the privilege of meeting and learning about the innovations of different companies. It is an event where professionals avail a chance to know the latest market trends.


 Twothousand Machinery at the Milan Host_1 Twothousand Machinery at the Milan Host_2


Twothousand Machinery was active during the Host Fair, which resulted in more people showing interest in the products that we had to offer. As our company provides professional services and knowledge on kitchen equipment, we could show off our dough kneading mixer, which gives an opportunity to take off a bit of stress while working in the kitchen. It provides an easy way of mixing the dough for different purposes in the kitchen. Our next hot items were a planetary mixer and blast chiller.


A planetary mixer is a machine made to prepare food, chemical, ceramic dough or any other type of product, replacing manual labor while blast chillers provide an opportunity to store foods on a commercial level. They are a high-quality freezing system that supports capacities from 10kg right up to 320kgs.


 Twothousand Machinery at the Milan Host_3 Blast Chiller Freezer Pan


Our final two items were stand mixer and turnover machine, which were much appreciated by the crowd as well. Due to our professional knowledge and perfect working machines, we had a blast during the Host fair in Milan.