Spiral Mixer


High-performance variable speed spiral dough mixer from Twothousand Machinery, from 10 liters to 66 liters capacity, is perfect for commercial use like the bakeries, restaurants to prepare a high demand of dough for popular dough products.


Feature for HX Series Dough Mixer

Intelligent Menu

Digital Control

With Safety Guard

10 Variable Speed

Gear and Belt Drive

Waterproof Body

 Spiral Mixer


An intelligent menu provides more convenience for your dough mixing process. This series of dough mixers have a new flat-top head, which could be used for a working bench. This unit features 10 variable speeds for dough kneading, make your work more flexible. What’s more, the belt and gear drive combination allows the machine to work stable and quiet. The most attractive new design is the inching button for taking out the dough easily. And the reverse button for well blend the flour and water.

 Spiral Mixer


This powerful flour dough mixer affords heavy loads each time, large torque to knead your dough perfectly and evenly. With this machine, it’s easy to help you expedite dough production to increase your business’s productivity. Design with a safety guard and emergency button for the operator safety consideration. Plus, the water-proof body design for these dough mixers, provides you a safe and easy cleaning process.

 Spiral Mixer


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