Do you want to entice the attention of buyers? Do you want to boost the sales of your business? If yes, then you must have a bakery display case right away from Twothousand Machinery. If you really aim to increase your sales, you must have an attractive and colorful bakery display case. This is simply needed especially when it comes to presenting your products to all your customers in a better and more perfect way. Each customer likes the idea of presenting products and having them displayed in a pretty and attractive way. In this goal, you really need to have the finest and the best display cases. It is also mandatory and it is a must to have them at hand.


Refrigerated Bakery Glass Display Case - Showroom Picture (1)  Refrigerated Bakery Glass Display Case - Showroom Picture (2)  


Good news, Twothousand Machinery can provide you with various kinds of stunning and polished bakery display cases. The display cases have been designed in different sizes and designs. And thus, these could simply attract all customers out there. Apart from the fact that they are long-lasting, you will appreciate them even more because of that.


 Below are the significant features of bakery display cases from Twothousand Machinery that will let you appreciate them even more:


>    The refrigerated bakery display case is specifically designed to reach the preset temperature in just forty-five minutes.


>    The best insulation material has been utilized in keeping and maintaining the cooling process including the temperature difference between actual and preset. And, the preset is just ± 1℃.


>    The temperature sensor has been placed at the right position. This way, the real temperature on the display screen will be obtained. Remember that an even cold air and good temperature are essential for all those bakery display cases.


>    The humidity of seventy-five percent is a standard of a refrigerated bakery display case. This is also due to the longer time of the cooling process. Now, the good also gets drier.


>    The cake display case has a good insulation and a large evaporator to keep humidity for the food. If cake display quality is poor, the evaporator will then carry out the water coming from the food. This way, the food will also become too dry to eat and will be displayed as well.


>    The silver electrode has also been utilized to weld the copper pipes right through the compressor. This is also due to the very reason that the silver electrode is properly elongated and is of high strength. And thus, it will never be easy to be leaked on the pipes.


Refrigerated Bakery Glass Display Case - Showroom Picture (4)   Refrigerated Bakery Glass Display Case - Showroom Picture (3)


Truly, Twothousand is the premier source for bakery display cases, refrigerated bakery cases , glass bakery display case and a whole lot more. They also look so stunning and polished for your bakery shop. Since they come in different sizes and designs, they will simply impress all customers out there! They will also turn their attention towards your business which could lead to its success!