It’s that time of the year; we finally wound up a year of hard work and it was time to party hearty. The entire TwoThousand Team decided to host its annual meeting on Jan 17-18 2015 to celebrate the occasion at the Enping Hot Spring Resort, Jiangmen, Guangdong.

Annual Meeting 2014 of TwoThousand
A Successful Year

Over the last decade, TwoThousand has become the industry leader in restaurant kitchen supplies. Our state-of-the-art restaurant supplies and commercial kitchen equipment was in demand with small and large retailers all over the world. With more than 10-years of experience and CE-certified products, it was understandable that our company became the most popular restaurant supply company online. Our year-long warranty, free replacements of spare parts, customized project solutions, and international shipping resulted in our company becoming the most popular commercial restaurant and food equipment supplier in the area.

Annual Meeting 2014 of TwoThousand
The Credit Goes To!

The credit of Twothousand’s success goes to the hard work of the Sales Team, the Shipping Department, the Inspection Department, the Marketing Department, Finance, and Administration Department. Everyone was invited to the company’s Annual Meeting and the Annual Meeting was a huge success.

The Event kicked off with Company Director Eva, Shipping Manager Nancy, Finance Manager Delia, and Promotion Manager Henry making a speech during the meeting. The Finance and Administration team covered the successful features of 2013-2014 and their presentation was very well received. The Marketing Department also had a small presentation regarding their plans for 2015-2016. After the presentations, it was time to relax and the hardworking staff members were treated to a day of fun and relaxation. The 18 Export Department Teamers started the party by dancing the “Little Apple” in the meeting. Dressed in company T-shirts, team members created a happy picture. Everyone was treated to a sumptuous dinner at the resort hotel and the event quickly turned in to a success party. Guests were able to enjoy the Didu Hot Springs located in the town and many team members were able to enjoy the hot springs waters.

Annual Meeting 2014 of TwoThousand
For The Future

We owe most of our success to our hardworking and dedicated staff. During the 2014 year, the marketing and planning center worked with the customer service center to fulfill all customer expectations. The relentless efforts of all these sections is the main reason for our success. The departments finished and overfulfilled all sales orders leading to an increase in customer trust and confidence in our company. Each department also successfully completed their own work leading to TwoThousands overall success.

As the company expanded, we also had to hire extra staff and this had led to a diverse amount of experience and technical knowledge. This led to an incredible expanse of technical support and it is the main reason for our success. Our staff worked together to strive for the greater progress is Twothousand’s common goal!