Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd has released their brand new planetary mixers in the fall of 2015. And, they are now introducing this new design that is guaranteed of providing a better performance in mixing dough and batters.

Planetary Mixer, MA20A

The company has been widely known in creating high-quality based products that are now used in many restaurants and commercial kitchens. With the legacy that they have been holding on for more than a decade now, the company still strives to improve their products. This is especially true when it comes to their planetary mixers.

The company has recently launched a wide range of planetary mixers that gives people the ease and convenience of creating recipes that they want. They will get the benefits of using the new design of their planetary mixers.

After the previously released range of mixers, the company continued to excel in improving their designs. They are making it sure that users would benefit from the use of the product. It boasts for a new set of features in meeting the changing needs of both commercial and private kitchens.

What Are the Features of These Newly Released Planetary Mixers from Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd

Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd takes pride in introducing their newly improved planetary mixers. Some of the improved features that the new planetary mixers can offer you with are the following:

New Top Head Design

It has a new top head design that is made with all of the necessary buttons and switches that can adjust the speed you need. This is especially in making a batter or dough. There are 2 colors that you can choose from – red and gray.

2.New Top Head Design

Strongest Bowl Locating Lock

Unlike other mixers wherein the bowl can easily slip from its place and is inconvenient for users, these newly enhanced planetary mixers are made with the strongest bowl locating lock. This feature can keep the bowl in place. It can assist a user in order that the bowl does not slip off while the machine operates.

3.Strongest Bowl Locating Lock

Mixing Attachments (Hook, Whipper and Beater)

The planetary mixer comes with 3 attachments for mixing – beater, hook and whipper. These attachments are made in giving user the right attachment in mixing different recipes. You will no longer consider thinking of the item to use for a certain recipe. This is because the mixer will include these attachments for your convenience.

4.Beater Hook Whipper of Commercial Planetary Mixer

ETL Approved

Since this is ETL approved, this only means that the standard of the product is even more guaranteed. Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd makes it sure that the products that they manufacture meet the highest standards. You can also get the convenience and ease of investing in a mixer. This can be used for a long time and even for a lot of recipes.

With all of these features, you’ll get the ease and convenience of enjoying the newly released planetary mixer from Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd. You are assured to get only the best for the mixer. This can replace your old mixer or a new mixer. This can also be a perfect gift for your friend or for any of your relatives.