Calling all restaurants and catering business owners! There is a new kitchen solutions player on the field, bringing you commercial kitchen equipment. Sold wholesale and transported with ideal security, you can save costs and gain unmatched quality equipment to get your restaurant, catering business, hotel kitchen and other food-making realms up and going.

Good food is not just dependent on the people who make them but the machines that help out as well. At Twothousand, you have...


  • Baking – Rack, Combi, Pizza and Baking ovens, including gas and electric convection ovens


  • Food Prep – Dough and Commercial Mixers, Cutters, Bread Slicers, varied bread-work related sheeters, presses, and rollers. Meat and veggie prep and processing machines, including knives, grinders, fillers, choppers, and peelers.


  • Stainless Steel – From worktables and compartment sinks to shelves, cabinets, racks, trolleys, and trays, you will find any and all kitchen related stainless steel tools of the trade.


  • Refrigeration – Under this category, you have ice cream machines, and refrigerated display cases for ice creams, sushi, and confectionery. Ice makers and crushers complement others in the range comprising yogurt, drink, and slush dispensers. Any and all coolers (wine, blast), chillers, prep tables and fridges (bar, reach-in, under counter, beverage) are available.


  • Food Service – This is one of the grander categories with Jacketed Kettles (steam, electric, gas, induction) and machines that can pack, seal, clip, and strap for transportation purposes. Aside from several different faucets and boilers, you have specialized hamburger and nugget lines, sausage makers, and pasta production lines.


  • Cooking – In this vast category, you have gas and electric options under Ranges, Fryers (countertop as well as commercial), Shawarma, Grills (salamander and cuttlefish ball grills included), Crepe and Candy Floss machines, Rotisserie ovens (chicken), and Restaurant Steamers.

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In business since 2000, Twothousand is a brand name synonymous with safety and outstanding quality (as the CE certification will confirm). With several satisfied customers and more on the way, the company prides itself on its pre-sales and after-sales service.


Set in most major world regions (Asia, Oceania, North & South America, Africa, and Europe) their roots are spread deep. In less than 14 years, some of the most innovative kitchen equipment designs have entered their halls.


Twothousand is the next big name in kitchen equipment manufacturing and supplies.