Dough press machine


You could make many kinds of popular dough products like Chapati, Pita Bread, Parathas, Lavash, and Mexican Tortilla that kind of food with this single unit ME-P18M dough press machine. It is perfect for Schools, Cafes, Pizzeria to meet the medium to the high demand for pressed dough.


Fashionable Design

This unit features a bottom swing-away design, it is easier to use than the top swing type. Besides, it is designed with the upper heated platen, which will help you faster the dough ball flatten process and ensures the dough will not stick to this press, making the dough pressing process easier use and cleaning.

 Dough Pressing

Adjustable Temp, Time, and Thickness

For the convenient dough pressing process, a programmable timer is designed to ensure the dough won’t be overheated and can be pressed into the perfect crust with the perfect processing time each time. And the thickness control dial and digital temperature control are for you easy to set the thickness and the temperature for different products as per their specific needs.

 Adjustable Thickness

Digital Counter Displays

A digital counter displays how many doughs pressing jobs have been completed, allow you have a clear idea about your kitchen output. No skilled and age requirements, compact countertop design, moderate price.



>Digital Temp and Time Control Displays

>Heated Upper Platen

>Full Range Product Thickness Adjustment

>Reliable and Safe Operation

> Flattens Dough Balls Into Pizzas Up To 18 Inches

>Compact Tabletop Design

>Heavy-duty Construction

 Dough Press Production Line


This dough press is sure to higher your business efficiency because it presses dough in just several seconds. Just feel free to contact us for information about this machine and pick it back for helping with your kitchen job.