Blast chiller freezer is one kind of the freezers. It is a professional storage tool for storing various foods that need to be frozen. Its refrigeration system consists of 4 essential parts, namely the compressor, condenser, throttling component, and evaporator.


Blast Chiller Freezer

What is blast freezing?

Blast freezing is a preservation technology to rapid low down the thermal temperature, providing the food a suitable temperature to store in the exposed environment or other refrigerators. Through this process to extend the products' shelf life and maintain its original nutrition, freshness, and physicochemical stability.


How does blast freezer work?

High-efficient compressors continuously force the freezing air to cover the food products and make it be exposed in the low-temperature to remove its heat. Finally, the food will reach a suitable temperature. During this process, the water in the food will be converted from a liquid to solid-state; this physical change will also promote the rate of heat removal. Not just this change, the blast freezing, and the subsequent frozen storage can also stop some ----chemical reactions, like microbiological growth, metabolism, and bacteria growth.



Mainly for commercial use, to rapid cooling of fresh food to achieve the effect of keeping the nutrition and freshness of the food. They are mostly used for quick cooling of meat, mousse, cakes, and foods such as frozen dumplings, tangyuan and so on. To better prepare for the high demand of the food or build up the inventory for some festival or the daily requirement.


Outstanding Performance Blast Chiller Freezer From Twothousand Machinery

A. Dimensions

This product series is designed with four different height models to give customers the most suitable option. This product is equipped with internationally popular serving plates. It has strong versatility and maximizes the utilization value provided to guests without occupying too much room space.


B. Surface and internal material

This product is all made of food-grade stainless steel 304 as the internal and external materials, which can reach the level of hygienic food with reliable performance.


C. Door opening handle

This product boasts a patented design handle, stay-open, self-closing, and a cylinder lock to ensure security.


D. Ventilation shutters

The ventilation louvers of this product are configured with patented appearance, and the ventilation and heat dissipation are 30% higher than similar products so that the heat dissipation and cooling capacity of the refrigerator is significantly improved.


E. Wide usage

Product quality is suitable for different climates in the world, namely the tropical climate and temperate climate. The tropical climate countries are: China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa, and other countries, and the temperate climate countries are: United States, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Australia, and other countries.


F. Noise:

This product has a thermal insulation structure and achieves noise reduction at the same time.


G. Refrigeration speed:

This product is designed for quick-freezing commercial refrigeration, with a cooling effect from +90 ° C to -30 ° C 120 minutes and low configuration and high efficiency.


Precise temperature probes ensure the accuracy of working time. The control system has several chilling settings that mean no matter what kinds of food items you need to make the chilling, just refine the working process for your special food item.