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    We are more than interested to invite you to participate and visit out booth Hall 4 Z58 in the 40th HOST MILANO 2017. This is actually in behalf of TWO THOUSAND MACHINERY and the event will be held at the Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy. This will be held on the 20th to 24th day of October 2017.

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    The blast freezing process is the best process to storage food for more months. The Grandchill blast freezer, thanks to its powerful refrigeration system with air temperature of -40°C, quickly lowers the temperature at the core of the food to -18° avoiding in this way the macro-crystallization and granting perfect and long lasting preservation of all the original qualities of the food.

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    TWOTHOUSAND wish Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!

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    We have lots of machines to promote. What are they? Just see more information we launched. We offer 10%-20% discount for our machines and hope they can meet your standard.

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    Electric glass dryer polisher is very popular among bars, restaurants, hotels, caterers cause it can not only reduce the cost but help the job done quickly.

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    120th Canton Fair

    Post on 08-10-2016 5 Comments

    Welcome to visit us and we would provide the quality baking equipment with very competitive price during our fair period.

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