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     Blast Chiller Freezer

    Blast chiller freezer is one kind of the freezers. It is a professional storage tool for storing various foods that need to be frozen. Its refrigeration system consists of 4 essential parts, namely the compressor, condenser, throttling component, and evaporator.

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    Brand New 30 Quart Commercial Planetary Food Mixer for 8 Kg FlourPlanetary mixers, also named vertical mixers, are widely used in many lines to mix some food with high demand. The planetary mixer has more functions than a dough mixer, which is different from the dough mixer.  This brand-new gear drive planetary mixer has a stronger structure design and its motor out power is 1100 Watt, max flour capacity 8 Kg.

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    Do you know what can make food freeze quickly to inhibit bacterial growth? What keeps the moisture and nutrition of bread for a long time? What can make your restaurant work more efficiently? Correct! The answer is our Blast Chiller and Freezer.Blast Chiller Freezer Testing Cover

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    Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd from China, a professional kitchen equipment supplier. We supply all kinds of immersion blenders for restaurant, catering business, cafeteria, or dining hall and more for food preparation. The immersion blender is widely used for blending the vegetables, mixing chop soft produce, whip cream, puree soups, and making butter.

    Immersion Hand Blender cover

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    2019 Hotelex Shanghai

    The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition is an international trade fair, held in Shanghai, it is the biggest communication arena in China. The trade fair is organized basically for sharing the latest information and equipment used in the industry.

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    The Twothousand Machinery planetary mixer manufacturing facility was established in 1997. We have more than 21 years of history in creating planetary mixer, with rich experience, the products made by us work very stable and in high quality. To ensure the quality and the accuracy, we process all the gears and other important components by our own factory. Don’t worry about there is any questions on accessories, we will ensure that no impediment shall arise.

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