Heavy Duty Head Lifting Removable Bowl Spiral Dough Mixer The best commercial kitchen equipment plays an essential role in ensuring the success of your kitchen or food service station. Without the right equipment, your kitchen’s operation suffers and your success is limited. For a bakery, pizzeria or other food service establishments, the dough mixer is one of the most important commercial kitchen equipment that ensures the smooth operation of a food service establishment.


Heavy Duty Dough Mixer Perfect for Industrial Bakeries

If you are looking for the best commercial dough mixer that can handle your establishment’s needs,mobile bowl and has two motors ideal spiral dough mixerTWOTHOUSAND’s heavy duty head lifting double speeds removable bowl spiral dough mixer can surely handle the dough needs of industrial bakeries. This heavy-duty mixer comes with mobile bowl and has two motors ideal for the hundreds, eventhousands of pounds of dough you need a day.

A commercial dough mixer is important equipment to any restaurant, bakery, pizzeria and any other establishments that zmakes batter and dough. Using this equipment, it becomes easier for you to complete the mixing of dough more quickly. On that note,TWOTHOUSAND readily provides one of the best industrial commercial kitchen equipment that helps plant bakeries make high outputs for dough. 

The Heavy Duty Dough Mixer Parameters:

Voltage: 380V50HZ 3Phases

Dough Quantity: 10 ~150kg

Flour Quantity: 6 ~100 kg
Bowl Volume: 285 Liters 

Spiral turns 1st/2ndspeed (r/min): 92.5/185

Bowl turns speed(r/min): 15

Motor power 1st speed: 4kw

Motor power 2nd speed: 9kw

Size: 1867*1174*1740mm

Packing Size: 2000*1300*2000mm

NW(kg): 1300


Maximize Quality and Reduce Your Cost 

Our dough mixers are designed to help bakers in maximizing their quality as well as cost. With the dough mixer’s innovative design and advanced control technology, it can produce breads with new level of consistency. The dough mixer is designed so control is easier and mixing is much more effective.  spiral dough mixer Structure diagramFeaturing an innovative design, when the mixer is started, the mixing head is lowered with the bowl slightly raised. With this, the mixer is automatically positioned towards the drive unit. When mixing, a special trust roller assembly with rubber friction wheels guides the bowl rotation. At the same time, the bowl’s milled border is what guarantees the bowl’s grip even when there are fatty mixtures. This feature makes mixing of the dough much more efficient and thus makes TWOTHOUSAND’s heavy duty dough mixer one of the best mixers capable of handling any dough-mixing and dough-forming systems. 


Special Features to Improve Consistent Quality

Another special feature of the dough mixer that you will like is the Two-Timer version. With this version, you can easily preset the mixing time with automatic change setting it from slow to fast. This makes our heavy-duty dough mixer a truly vital asset to any commercial kitchen. Created based on experience and tough production environments, this heavy-duty mixer will provide you with improved quality of consistency and reduced costs in ingredients among many other benefits. 

Two-Timer version  spiral dough mixer with safety guard

Other features of the mixer include the bowl, safety guard, contrast column and the flour screen made of PP. The mixer also comes with electrical control components made exclusive by SCHNEIDER. It also comes with stainless steel spiral, overvoltage and overload motor protection and other standard features. If you are looking for a dough mixer that can withstand any tough production environment, TWOTHOUSAND’s heavy duty commercial dough mixer is what you are looking for, now we only sell USD 9999.

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