Kitchen Cooking Appliances

By Tamiya King, eHow Contributor

If you're having your kitchen built or remodeled, choosing the perfect appliances can be challenging. Your decorative style and the size of the kitchen will help you determine which cooking appliances will look and function best in the area.


A small kitchen is best equipped with appliances that don't dominate the area, so that you can move freely in the kitchen. For instance, it may be ideal to have a microwave installed on top of the stove to free up counter space, or to purchase a refrigerator that fits well in the corner of the kitchen. Larger kitchens may benefit from appliances like double ovens, or an elaborate, color-coordinated toaster oven on the kitchen counter.


The types of kitchen cooking appliances you choose for the space can serve as signature pieces that make the area more attractive. For instance, if you've chosen a bright decor color like yellow, a yellow microwave or yellow stove will make your kitchen customized. Or, if you're going for an antique look in the kitchen, items like a pot-bellied stove add a nostalgic touch.


If you cook often, it may be a good idea to add features to your stove that will save space while allowing you to prepare meals in various ways. For instance, customizing your stove to include a griddle and stovetop grill will allow you to make homemade pancakes for breakfast and grill a steak for dinner, without having to use a separate griddle or grill outdoors.

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