It goes against everything that we have been taught about putting the customers first. Nevertheless, Twothousand® Machinery understands that employees are the reason for the happiness of their customer. For us, creating job satisfaction and employee value plays a more crucial role in our field. To our dearest staffs, staffs’ happy faces matter the most to us because it is the creator of value. Staffs are our most valuable asset.





It is unrivalled experience, which provides us with the skills of delivering the highest service possible to the clients. From equipment specification and conceptual design to installation and project management, happy staffs ensure that every requirement is met. The company’s mission is to enable our clients to select the service level that they require. From one-off equipment supplies and kitchen refurbishments, to new kitchen installations, including mechanical and electrical services, floors, ceilings, walls, and building services, we have been the best solution to meet client needs mainly because everybody are with us.

Without happy staffs, we are limited in our ability to provide customer service and realize out future goals. We are able to serve a comprehensive base of customers and we have helped thousands of foodservice facilities to open and operate successfully since year 2000. We are able to have wide-ranging clients, which include restaurant chains, hotels, healthcare facilities, independent restaurants, casinos, bars, hospitals, schools, churches, deli’s, plant and commercial dining facilities, private clubs, country clubs, remote sites, and more. We have been handling all client needs.