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    Team Building in Xingping Guilin

    Team Building: Twothousand Sales Team Building in Xingping Guilin

    There is not only working time in our life but also our leisure time of team building. Climbing the famous mountain with our team members. Beautiful sceneries, unique local custom, relaxing time.

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    Twothousand Machinery's sales team participated in the training of refrigerated gelato and bakery display case and had a deep understanding of the refrigeration principle and how the gelato ice cream display freezer and refrigerated bakery display case work.

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    Let the Heart Travel

    Post on 27-11-2017 9 Comments

    We had a trip to Ziyun Valley in Zhaoqing city last weekend where we were attracted by the amazing views and water falls.

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    Twothousand Machinery attracted a lot people to show big interest on our products with professional knowledge of kitchen equipment and the perfect working machines.

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    Every company out there has not only the obligation and mandate to keeping their employees happy and satisfied with their working conditions but they also have the responsibility of making sure that their employees have the appropriate morale for work, especially team work.

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    We attended the 116th canton fair and exhibited the planetary mixer, spiral mixer, deck oven, convection oven, immersion blender and ice cream display case .etc., TWOTHOUSAND MACHINERY CO. established in 2000, which supplies top security & best quality kitchen equipment to our customers around the world for more than 14 years.

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