TWOTHOUSAND MACHINERY is pleasure to announce you that the F series FOOD MIXER and A, B, D, E series DOUGH MIXER will on a BIG PROMOTION
from Sept. 1st to Nov. 30th. 
All promotional items are 2% Off when the purchase quantity over 50 units (mixed quantity).
2% Discount Over 50 Units
F SERIES Planetary Mixer (Gear Transmission, Stable Performance) 
 F SERIES Planetary Mixer _ B10F, B15F, B20F, B25F, B30F, B35F, B40F     F SERIES Planetary Mixer _ B60F     F SERIES Planetary Mixer _ B20F4, B25F4     F SERIES Planetary Mixer _ B60F-1
A SERIES Dough Mixer (Head Lifting Type, Emergency Protection, Single Speed)
 A SERIES Dough Mixer _ HT20A, HT30A
B SERIES Dough Mixer (Gear and Belt Transmission, Double Speed)
B SERIES Dough Mixer _ HS30B-1, HS40B-1, HS50B-1, HS30B, HS40B, HS50B, HS140B     B SERIES Dough Mixer _ HS30BD, HS40BD, HS50BD     B SERIES Dough Mixer _ HG20B, HG30B
D SERIES Dough Mixer (Gear and Belt Transmission, Variable Speed, Steel Plate Body)
D SERIES Dough Mixer _ HG20D2, HG30D2, HG40D2, HG50D2
E SERIES Dough Mixer (Gear and Belt Transmission, Single Speed) 
E SERIES Dough Mixer _ HS10E     E SERIES Dough Mixer _ HS20E, HS30E