Since our founding as TWOTHOUSAND MACHINERY CO., LTD in year 2000, we have been dealing in various kinds of security applications and kitchen equipment to our valued customers throughout the world. We have been managing and participating in various exhibitions and fairs to display and present a wide range of household items and security applications. In the same spirit we had joined the 116th Canton Fair to display our top security and best quality Kitchen equipment. We also have great deals in sale of Restaurant equipment, Planetary Mixer and stand mixer. We also deal in state of the art and the latest kitchen ware like Spiral mixer, Electric deck oven, Electric convection oven and commercial hand blender.


Henry is Introducing the New Series Mixers and Telling the Price 


Our aim is to satisfy the customer with the quality of our product. The refrigerant Ice cream showcase, Soft ice cream machine, Ice crusher, commercial blender and the milk Shaker are our special items which we arrange specially for you. The other miscellaneous items included stainless steel shelf, stainless steel working bench, and gas fryer, floor stand electric fryer. The table top electric fryer and gas jacket kettle are also on our exclusive display. We have the latest gadgetry available with us and we are endeavoring hard to deliver our valued customers throughout the world with our best quality products in minimum possible cost, and minimum possible shipment delivery time.  Our committed staff presented the valuable items in the exhibition with astute acumen and the most precious thing we got in return was the sacred trust of our worthy customers from all over the world.  TWOTHOUSAND MACHINERY CO., LTD has prudence to provide the ultimate satisfaction to its customers through a continuous hard work and its innovative efforts to improve the quality of products as well as services.


Twothousand Machinery Canton Fair Booth 


In the present law and order state in the world, no one can afford any loop holes in the security system; rather it is required to be a fool proof security system. To fulfill this need, the most dependable security systems were brought to this great exhibition. It had been a successful fair that had fairly benefited many of our international customers. The feedback which we received was very encouraging and heartening. The only reason of our fame and the credibility is our customers’ loyalty. TWOTHOUSAND MACHINERY CO., LTD has largely expanded its business during recent years. We have proven the effectiveness and efficiency of our security products in the real time situations. Our kitchen ware has also qualified for the best performance and durability. The company had endeavored hard to get this name and position. The 116th Canton fair had been a mega event exclusively arranged for introducing various kinds of commercial equipment, security and modern gadgetry. The 116th canton fairhad been a strong forum for product project as it accommodated a large number of suppliers, companies and the consumers from the local market. The fair has really given a kick effect to the company and its sales were reasonably increased in the past year.


Our Sunshine Team in the Fair

Beryl is Writing the Price List

Belle is Making Ice Cream for the Customers by a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Celvin is Signing a Contract with a Customer

Lily is Introducing the Biggest 3 Deck Baking Oven