Spiral Mixer


Water-proof body, intelligent menu, new design spiral dough mixer. This brand-new series dough mixers have several kinds of capacity for your choices, which is ideal for industrial use to make the pastry, pizza, or snack cookies. The best equipment for the bakeries and those restaurants with a high demand for popular dough products.


Spiral Mixer

Variable Speeds and Flat Top Head

This spiral mixer has 10 speeds for the dough mixing, designed with the timer and a working bench flat-top head, make your flour mixing operation more flexible.


Gear and Belt Drive, Intelligent Menu

The transmission of this series spiral dough mixer combines gear and belt-driven, which ensures the stability of the flour mixing job and provides a super quiet and comfortable working environment. What‘s more, these units designed with an intelligent menu, allows the programmable, customizable, and memorable mixing operations.


Spiral Mixer

Heavy-duty and Little Kneading Capacity

This powerful dough mixer affords the heavy loads to help you expedite the dough production job for your shop. We have several models for this series of dough mixer, and the capability of holding and kneading up to 66 liters, and the minimum mixing flour is 0.25kg. With the inching function, which allows an easy dough removing job and there be will less dough stick on the bowl wall.


Spiral Mixer

Water-Proof Body

The unit is made of food-grade stainless steel, and featured a water-proof body, provides powerful strength to knead the dough evenly, reduces the raw material waste, and ensures the durability of the machine. Water-proof body makes the cleaning job easily.

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