A commercial convection oven is almost a necessity today. Time is very important and cooking meals at home with a busy work schedule is becoming harder. More and more people are opting for takeaway meals and fast food as they don’t have enough time and energy to cook meals after working all day. There’s no need to worry though as a commercial convection oven can help you prepare meals at home in a jiffy.


Measuring 527x450x315mm, this compact convection oven toasts, bakes, broils and keeps food warm. Its 30L capacity and 405×255×300mm capacity cavity allow you to prepare various foods such as cookies, bagel and potatoes. The oven has a cool to touch Bakelite handle and timer, so you will know if the food is done cooking. It has timing and heating indicators and a dual position rack that makes room for larger items or places food under the broiler. This convection oven is also very easy to clean.

 Convection Oven


1. CE qualified - This commercial convection oven is CE qualified, so you are assured that it is safe to use.

2. Stainless steel chamber with round corners in cavity for easy cleaning - The commercial convection oven has a stainless steel chamber with round corners in the cavity, making it easier for you to clean the oven. You only need to wipe clean the surface and that’s it.

3. Round heater plus high speed motor to stir heat evenly - Hot air circulates throughout the convection oven for fast and even cooking.

4. Stainless steel baffle to generate heat more evenly - The stainless steel baffle optimizes heat distribution to cook food more evenly.

5. Visual toughened glass for better view of cooking process - The durable glass window provides a clear view of the food, so you can see if it has achieved the color or appearance you want.

6.  Good insulation at 5 sides - The five sides of the commercial convection oven have good insulation. This optimizes heat circulation, which improves the consistency and speed of the cooking process.

7.  Door latch opens at 90 degree for easy access to the cavity - With the door latch opening at 90⁰, you can access the cavity to take out or put food in the oven with ease.


The commercial convection oven boasts a stainless steel structure, 50-300⁰C thermostat, stainless steel chamber, 120-minute timer with a bell, cool to touch Bakelite handle, heating and timing indicators, round heater plus high speed motor to stir heat evenly, stainless steel grid support, 419×299mm oil collector, level distance of 55mm, durable visual glass for better view of the cooking process and one 400×290mm wiring grid.


With its even heat distribution, you don’t need to worry about having half-cooked food. The amount of oil required is also minimal, allowing you to prepare healthy and delicious foods. The taste and nutrients of the food are preserved. Since the commercial convection oven has a timer, the food won’t be under or overcooked.