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    Commercial Meat Slicers

    Supply all kinds of Commercial Meat Slicers, Meat Slicers and all of your Food Preparation in Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Equipment from China.

    Are you still using the traditional way to cut the meat? Are you feeling bad when cutting the meat into thickness?  Do you know the meat slicer machine? That can help you to slice the meat, the thickness you want and more quickly, more convenient to use.

    The meat slicers from Twothousand machinery have a different thickness for you to choose from. The blade is different and made of stainless steel. It can cut the frozen meat, lamb roll, beef roll, pork belly slices and so on. Additional, you can use it to slice the potato, cucumber, bran, carrot etc. It is mostly used in hot pot store, barbecue shop, buffet, canteen.

    Our machine works stable and in a good performance. The blade is imported from Italy, the beautiful and generous appearance has a long lifetime and a year warranty. The foot with non-slip that ensured you working stable and do not shake. It is simple clean. It will not take you too much time cleaning it.

    Twothousand machinery equipment specifications and models are complete, special-type products can be customized for customers; Offer the stable quality machine with reasonable. We will responsible for quality tracking and eliminates worries for you; If any problem with the machine, we will ship the part for free if there is not the man-made damage.

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    Need Help?

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