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    DEM-A11 Stainless steel Samosa Empanada Making Turnover Machine

    DEM-A11 Stainless steel Samosa Empanada Making Turnover Machine

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    Production: 600 Pcs/Hour;
    Machine Size: L 520 * W 250 * H 270 MM;
    Material: All 1.5 mm Thickness Stainless Steel 304;
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    Empanada Making Turnover Machine

    Machine Size: 520X250X270 MM
    Packing Size: 530X290X320 MM
    Net Weight: 9.5 KG
    Gross Weight: 14 KG
    Production: 600 PCS/HOUR
    Semi-Circle Pressing Die Size: 171X83 MM
    Material: All 1.5 mm Thickness Stainless Steel 304

    DEM-A11 Dumpling Machine

    The DEM-A11 Stainless Steel Samosa Empanada Making Turnover Machine is the perfect solution for commercial kitchens, catering companies, and food vendors. This machine is designed to help increase efficiency in production with its adjustable settings that are suitable for making a variety of pastries from samosas to empanadas.

    The stainless steel body ensures that it can withstand continuous use and is durable enough to be a workhorse in any kitchen. The machine also has a wide range of settings, including temperature and time, so you can make sure your pastries are cooked to perfection every time. The machine is also designed to be easy to use and clean, making it an ideal choice for commercial kitchens.

    Overall, the DEM-A11 Stainless Steel Samosa Empanada Making Turnover Machine is a great investment for any kitchen that needs to increase its production efficiency. With its adjustable settings and sturdy construction, this machine will stand up to the everyday demands of any busy kitchen.

    Easy and simple operation. With its easy setup and simple operation, this turnover machine is the ideal choice for even novice cooks. From preheating to flipping the empanadas this turnover machine is incredibly easy to use and set up. With a simple one-button operation, you can easily make your favourite empanadas in minutes.

    DEM-A11 Dumpling Machine

    Fast and efficient production.The turnover machine is designed with an advanced heating system that ensures fast and efficient production of large numbers of samosas. The energy-efficient design allows it to heat up quickly so that you can start producing samosas in no time. With its efficient production, the turnover machine is capable of making 600 pieces per hour.

    DEM-A5 Dumpling Machine

    Perfect sealing. The turnover machine ensures your samosas will have perfect sealing and edges every single time. The machine is designed to cook the empanadas evenly on both sides and its deep-grids help to ensure uniform crispness.

    DEM-A11 Dumpling Machine

    Different kinds of molds support mold customization. This turnover machine offers a wide range of molds for you to choose from, allowing for maximum customization. Whether you are looking for traditional round moulds, square molds, heart-shaped molds, or animal-shaped molds, this turnover machine has it all.

    DEM-A11 Dumpling Machine

    In short, If you’re looking for an efficient way to produce samosas, empanadas, and other pastries in bulk, then the DEM-A11 is the perfect machine for you. With the ability to make a variety of pastries quickly and easily, you can be sure that your customers will enjoy their delicious treats every time! 

    Different Molds

    DEM-A11 Dumpling Machine

    Various Sizes

    DEM-A11 Dumpling Machine

    DEM-A11 Operation Video

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name DEM-A11 Stainless steel Samosa Empanada Making Turnover Machine
    SKU DEM-A11
    Turnover Capacity 600 KG/H
    Turnover Shape Semi-Circle
    Approval No
    Clearance No
    User Manual
    No User Manual found.

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