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    Slush Machines

    When you come back home after a hot summer day, what do you expect at first? You obviously want to have something cold and a smoothie will surely relax you in this case. A slush machine can solve much of your problem as you can enjoy fresh fruit juice of different flavours. You can put different flavoured fruit juices in the different slots of the slush machine.

    Twothousand Machinery® brings out different shaped slush machines for you. We are also providing commercial ice slush machines in case if you need that out. We know that slush machines can be very important for any of your home events. Keeping that in mind, we have adjusted the capacity of the slush machines that we have at our disposal.

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    1. CE (9)
    1. 1 Bowl (2)
    2. 2 Bowl (2)
    3. 3 Bowl (2)
    Single Bowl
    1. 10 L (3)
    2. 12 L (3)

    The demand of such an equipment is great especially in the restaurants where the customers may want to try out different drinks at a time. Because of the weight of the demand, slush machines are efficient choice in this type of restaurants. Depending on the overall productivity, restaurant owners can decide about how many slush machines to install in their restaurant premise. These machines are so user friendly that the customers can operate all by themselves. So, you do not even have to worry to put an extra man to take care of the service in your restaurant.

    In this era of modern technology, it will always help you to get the equipment which will give you a competitive advantage. That is why, most of the restaurants prefer to have slush machines for the customers. We, the team of Twothousand Machinery®, have therefore included a wide range of commercial ice slush machines at our disposal.

    You can order as many as you like which will meet your current demands. We offer very flexible payment systems and all the details regarding payment and delivery have been clearly elaborate in our website. So, for a more detailed overview, you can have a look at that. We also have shipment options for the overseas customers who want to avail our products, but are not based in China. Our delivery options will make sure that your product will be at your doorstep without any scratch.

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