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    Vegetable Choppers

    Supply all kinds of Commercial Vegetable Choppers, Commercial Vegetable Choppers and all your Food Preparation in Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Equipment from China.

    The vegetable choppers from Twothousand machinery are a new generation of kitchen utensils. It is equipped with knives and can be adjusted according to the speed. It can quickly and accurately cut all kinds of vegetables, fruits into pieces, blocks and other shapes as needed, even thickness. It can quickly cut the cut material into pellets, and it is not easy to lose moisture. It keeps the original flavor of the fruits and vegetables and the particle size can be adjusted to meet the needs of customers.


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    The vegetable choppers from Twothousand machinery has the multi-purpose machine, it can cut leafy vegetables, silk, segments, etc. The size of the cut vegetables can be adjusted according to different needs, which is convenient and quick. The high efficiency of cutting vegetables, saving labor, easy to operate, convenient and safe.

    The vegetable choppers have aluminum base and stainless-steel base meets the standards of hygienic and has a long lifetime. Powerful, high output, easy to change the cutter head, operate and clean. The rapid yield of pelletizing is high, and the material can be cut into the desired size in an instant. The moisture of the vegetable is not lost, the nutritional value is ensured, and the yield is greatly improved at the same time. It can be used for processing buns stuffing, dumpling stuffing, vegetable juice and more. It is an ideal choice for vegetable processing, catering industry, canteen, catering distribution center and so on.

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