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    20 Liters Spiral Dough Mixer with Lifting Head and Removable Bowl HS20T

    20 Liters Spiral Dough Mixer with Lifting Head and Removable Bowl HS20T
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    Capacity: 20 Liter;
    Weight: 110 Kg;
    Power: 1500 Watt;
    Size: 710x390x660 MM;
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    Liftable Head Spiral Dough Mixer
    With a humanized and fashionable design, we twothousand machinery’s spiral dough mixer with raising head and removable bowl is perfect for the pizzeria, pastry shop, bakery, etc. The components of the machines have superb quality as well as a reasonable construction installation design. This spiral dough mixer with a liftable head and removable bowl, which means it has a convenient operation and cleaning process. Raise its head, and remove the bowl from the machine, then it will be easy for you to completely transfer the dough or other ingredients also finish the cleaning process.

    This heavy-duty spiral dough mixer is the right one to help you expedite the dough production to increase your business’s productivity. It has several kinds of the capacity, like 10 liters, 20 liters, 30 liters, 40liters, and 50liters, the capable of holding and kneading up 50 liters. No matter you are making a hard or soft dough recipe, it will be your best choice for your commercial kitchen. The machine also equipped with the timer, undoubtedly it’s really a user-friendly machine.

    Model: HS20T
    Capacity: 20 Liter
    Flour Capacity: 8 Kg Flour
    Bowl Speed: 0~16 RPM
    Hook Speed: 0~200 RPM
    Power: 1500 Watt
    Voltage: 220V
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Size: 710x390x660 MM
    Weight: 110 Kg
    Packing Size: 770x450x790 MM
    Packing Weight: 125 Kg
    Package: Full Sealed by Plywood
    1. Liftable Head;
    2. Removable Bowl;
    3. Variable Speed Control.

    All the main attachments of the spiral dough mixer are made of stainless steel, which not only provides enough strength to knead your dough to perfection and reduces the raw material waste but also ensures the durability and a long lifetime of the machine.

    The consideration and design of operation safety. The motor will stop spinning to avoid any possible accidents if the lid is lifted suddenly. Besides, an emergency press can quickly shut off the machine if necessary. We strictly supervise the production line to ensure the spiral dough mixers’ excellent performance. Competitive price, high standard quality, perfect performance, and 12 months warranty of the machine, we hope we will be your top priority choice when you have the idea to buy this kind of machine.

    Lifted Head Spiral Mixer

    Lifted Head Spiral Mixer

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name 20 Liters Spiral Dough Mixer with Lifting Head and Removable Bowl HS20T
    SKU HS20T
    Approval CE
    Capacity 20-30 liter
    Speed Variable Speed
    Body Material Painted Body
    Voltage Phase Single Phase
    Series S Series
    Clearance No

    User Manual
    View FileUser Manual - HS20T - Spiral Dough Mixer with Lifting Head    Size: (138.39 KB)
    View FileExplosive View - HS20T Spiral Dough Mixer with Lifting Head Model    Size: (186.76 KB)

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