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    Refrigeration Equipment

    Twothousand Machinery®, with more than a decade in the industry, is a leading supplier of kitchen equipment, with commercial refrigeration equipment being no exception. We only sell the most secure and top quality products, equipped with best compressors, such as Aspera, Embraco, Danfoss and Corepland, among others. Our products use the great thermostat from Italy, thick stainless steel doors, side panels and top working bench. 


    Payment Terms

    When you place an order for commercial refrigeration equipment, you get to choose from various payment options. We accept PayPal, Letter of Credit, Western Union, Money Gram, but our preferred mode of payment is Telegraphic Transfer Wiring. If you wish to pay via a credit card, we suggest you pay online through PayPal. For instant payment, you can send money to bank via Western Union or Money Gram, we will, however, require you to send us the transaction copy to collect the payment. 

    Shipping Process

    We have a professional shipping department that included 6 merchandisers to take charge of custom, logistic, documents, and telex release issues. We ship the machines by DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, or by shipping container with best low rate to all over the world. We can also send orders by LCL or air cargo. In short, you get 100% risk free shipping when you choose Twothousand Machinery®.

    Have a Doubt?

    A lot of our customers have certain doubts or questions when purchasing commercial refrigeration equipment. For instance: How we ship? Do we offer wholesale deals? What is the warranty period? Whether we accept sample orders? In case you too have any question, please don’t hesitate. We have professional teams to take care of order fulfillment and support, and also have project consultants to help you with your hotel restaurant projects, such as planning the layout, choosing suitable machines and installation assistance.

    Need Help?

    Choose any of the following options to get in touch with our support desk, and we will be happy to help you with all your queries regarding our commercial refrigeration equipment.

    Need Help?

    Need Help?

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