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    Blast Chiller Freezer

    How to make your ice cream keep better with original structure and flavor? The blast chiller freezer could make it by providing your ice cream with a shock freezing.

    As we all know, the ice cream is made at a temperature of -7°/-9°C in a batch freezer. And the ice cream will contain 30% water after finishing its manufacturing process, and those water will lead to its rapid aging. 

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    Brand New 30 Quart Commercial Planetary Food Mixer for 8 Kg FlourPlanetary mixers, also named vertical mixers, are widely used in many lines to mix some food with high demand. The planetary mixer has more functions than a dough mixer, which is different from the dough mixer.  This brand-new gear drive planetary mixer has a stronger structure design and its motor out power is 1100 Watt, max flour capacity 8 Kg.

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    Team Building in Xingping Guilin

    Team Building: Twothousand Sales Team Building in Xingping Guilin

    There is not only working time in our life but also our leisure time of team building. Climbing the famous mountain with our team members. Beautiful sceneries, unique local custom, relaxing time.

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    Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

    This Twothousand triple flavor soft serve freezer is perfect for ice cream, frozen yogurt. Since it equipped with three freezing cylinders and two mix hoppers, the soft-serve ice cream machine can dispense two different flavors of ice cream, and that means your customers can enjoy one or two flavors at once. With the ability to the output of an hour, the machine is ideal for medium ice cream shops, and restaurants.

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    What is the soft ice cream machine?

    Soft ice cream machine is an automatic electromechanical device specially designed to produce soft ice cream, the soft ice cream produced is particularly delicate, round and smooth. Suitable for all kinds of ice cream shops, western restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cinemas, etc., where there are many requirements for ice cream production and taste.

    Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Cover

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    Do you know what can make food freeze quickly to inhibit bacterial growth? What keeps the moisture and nutrition of bread for a long time? What can make your restaurant work more efficiently? Correct! The answer is our Blast Chiller and Freezer.Blast Chiller Freezer Testing Cover

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