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    Blast Chiller Freezer


    Blast chilling and shock freezing are being so popular these years. Here are some benefits you can expect to know about the blast chilling and shock freezing in your establishment.


    Ensure the Food Safety and Quality

    The longer time for food chilling, the more cells are damaged, there will have a much more negative effect on the aroma, taste, and overall appeal on food. And more bacterial contamination in food. So it is important to minimize the time for food chilling, minimize time spent in the danger zone (140˚F to 40˚F). Blast chilling and shock freezing from the blast chiller freezer has the functions to captures the flavor and food quality and minimizes the breakdown.

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    Spiral Mixer


    Water-proof body, intelligent menu, new design spiral dough mixer. This brand-new series dough mixers have several kinds of capacity for your choices, which is ideal for industrial use to make the pastry, pizza, or snack cookies. The best equipment for the bakeries and those restaurants with a high demand for popular dough products.

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    Brand New Stand Mixer

    These countertop mixers have the ETL certification, and every detail has been upgraded perfectly according to the users’ angle experiences. This multi-functional countertop mixer equipped with a DC motor, which provides a stable working condition. The upgrade of the circuit board and the frequency conversion system enables the motor to properly adjust the power according to the intensity of the stirring, which is more conducive to protecting the safety of the motor. And the full gear drive transmission provides the powerful mixing strength for the mixer.

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    How to start a small, low cost bakery

    Baking has enjoyed an enormous boost in popularity and large shares in the food industry over the past couple of years. People without culinary backgrounds can get into this industry easily, and bakeries allow you to express your extraordinary culinary creativity. Open a new business, expand the existing one, or replace some obsolete pieces, we need to think about what we wish to produce, and how much, the size and type of your bakery, cause those details will influence the specific pieces of equipment we should purchase. Here We will help you to choose the right equipment for your small bakery.

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    Convection Oven

    Hope you and your family are well. Hope the COVID-19 situation will get much better soon. Now in many areas, the delivery service or the takeaway service in a restaurant, fast food store, or street food store is having high demand. And the people may also like to spend much more time to make snacks by themselves at home. Here we would like to recommend some kitchen equipment to you for improving the busy kitchen job and for making the snacks.

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     Blast Chiller Freezer

    Blast chiller freezer is one kind of the freezers. It is a professional storage tool for storing various foods that need to be frozen. Its refrigeration system consists of 4 essential parts, namely the compressor, condenser, throttling component, and evaporator.

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