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     canton fair

    Dear valued customers and business partners,

    We are excited to invite you wholeheartedly to the 134th Canton Fair, where we will be presenting our latest products and innovations. We warmly welcome you to visit our booth at HALL 18.1, Booth No. M29 during Phase 1 of the fair, taking place from October 15th to October 19th.

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    stand mixer
    Baking and cooking can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Mixing dough, batter, and other ingredients by hand can be tiring and time-consuming, not to mention messy. That's where the Tilt-head Stand Mixer comes in. This powerful and versatile kitchen appliance is designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.
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    Three Different Kinds of Electric Baking Ovens

    An electric baking oven is an enclosed compartment for cooking and heating food. With this machine, you can easily make bread, biscuits, cakes, pizzas and other foods that need to be baked. If you are planning to open a restaurant, bakery, pizzeria and other pasta products food stores etc, then you will definitely need an electric baking oven. As for the reasons for choosing our Twothousand Machinery®, there are the following points.

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    Dough Mixers

    No matter whether you are looking for a mixer for your small business or large dough mixing demand, you could always get the best suitable mixer from Twothousand Machinery. Factory direct, high quality, competitive price, just contact us now!!!

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    Dough Press Machine


    The dough press is very popular for Pizzerias and restaurants cause it could save you lots of time to prepare the different sizes and thicknesses of pizza. You could use these machines to easily make Tortillas, Chapati, Pita bread, Parathas, Roti, Lavash, Pizza, and more food.

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