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    Wine Coolers

    Everyone knows that wine is very fragile and require custom, dark storage so they are not easy to shocks that could damage their taste. Wine collections require consistent, low temperature, high humidity spaces, so you need the best wine cabinet to keep your wine in the best taste.

     Wine cooler refrigerator is available as freestanding coolers that can be used anywhere, and other models that work with your existing cabinetry, the options are fully customizable to your preference. For your convenience, you can choose between single or multiple cooling zones to place red and white wines in the same space. So you control the temperature, whether it’s for aging wine or just keeping sodas crisp and cool.

     You can even choose from countertop wine cooler from Twothousand Machinery that holds up to larger, more high-end wine refrigeration systems that can store 130 bottles or more. These various wine cooler refrigerators come in your choice of sizes, colors and glass doors, it can minimize vibration, light and sounds to protect your wines because of specialized construction.

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    The most important thing is that you need to know your exact requirements to find a new commercial wine cooler from Twothousand. Or you can leave us a message and tell us what kind of features and functions you want, and we will recommend and customize the best wine cooler according to your needs. So don’t forget to check out more information about our machine on

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