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    Commercial Ice Makers

    The commercial ice maker machine from Twothousand machinery is a kind of refrigeration machinery that generates ice from the refrigeration system. By replenishing the water valve, the water will automatically enter the water storage tank, and then the water is evenly sprayed onto the surface of the commercial ice maker, the water is cooled to the freezing point and the ice is made. Plus, for the durability, it made of the durable material, which is not easily broken.

    With the latest advancements in freezer ice maker, this ice cube machine from Twothousand machinery is the most energy efficient. If the water has not been frozen by evaporation, the water will flow into the water reservoir through the porous tank and resume the cycle. it needs the spirit of energy saving and environmental protection. The daily production of cube ice machine from 25 KG to 700 KG for you to pick, it is suitable for small business and the commercial business.

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    1. CE (12)
    Ice Shape
    1. Cube (12)
    Cooling Way
    1. Ventilated (12)
    Daily Product
    1. 20-50 kg (3)
    2. 51-100 kg (2)
    3. 101-300 kg (3)
    4. 301-500 kg (3)
    5. 501-700 kg (1)

    The professional ice maker machine from Twothousand machinery is in a high quality and works stable. The compressor of the ice block making machine is imported from Italy and with the powerful motor, it works effectively. If you have any question about this machine during use, we will give you the guidance until you know how to operate it. What is more, you can get the part for free if there is not the man-made damage. The commercial grade ice maker is the smart choice for you.

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