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    3X800ML 1350W Triple Spindle Drink Mixer TT-MK6A

    3X800ML 1350W Triple Spindle Drink Mixer TT-MK6A
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    Jar Capacity: 800x3ML;
    Speed: 18000RPM;
    Material: Stainless steel + Die cast zinc alloy;

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    Milk Shake Machine
    Model: TT-MK6A
    Rated Voltage: 220V - 240V
    Freq: 50/60Hz
    Rated Power: 450x3W
    Jar Capacity: 800x3ML
    N.W: 13Kg
    Speed: 18000RPM
    Material: Stainless steel + Die cast zinc alloy

    1. Industry continuous current dynamo, bigger torque, more smooth operation, lower noise
    2. Full power range from 150W-450W
    3. Motor cover adopts zinc alloy material, whole pressure cakemaking the structure more tight, stable and heat dissipation effect is better.
    4. Machine body, cup and other food touched material is made of food grade stainless steel.
    5. Most of the motor vibration energy is absorbed by the soft rubber damping effect is remarkable, more silent.
    6. ARC-shaped new design of the cup makes the string more evenly; it can avoid the spilled of the food materials.
    7. Fixed block is made from alloy material pressure casting and fastened by screw, more stable
    8. Carter move forward new design avoid the machine from fade way fall, making machine more steady.

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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name 3X800ML 1350W Triple Spindle Drink Mixer TT-MK6A
    Approval CE
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