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    5 Pans CE Commercial Restaurant Blast Chiller Freezer GC-BC5

    5 Pans CE Commercial Restaurant Blast Chiller Freezer GC-BC5

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    5 Pans
    Stainless Steel 304
    Performance Temperature: -30°C ~ -35°C


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    This blast chilling is considered as a great way of ensuring that the foods are kept at the proper room temperature. They have the capacity of freezing food products in a short period of time. Blast freezers and blast chillers became popular for over years now. They became an important part of businesses who offer food products. Food wastes also decrease with the help of these blast freezers. It is a very good option for keeping a hygienic and clean environment on your foods. It’s flavor and freshness are being preserved by the help of your blast freezer appliances.

    Blast Chiller
    Model: GC-BC5
    Trays: 5
    Pans: 5 X GN 1/1
    OR 5 X 40x60 Bakery Trays
    Chamber Capacity: 160 Liter
    Storage Volume: 110 Liter
    Refrigerant: R404a
    Refrigerant Weight: 500g
    Cool Type: Ventilated
    Chamber Size: 650x400x425 MM
    Size: 790x730x913 MM
    Net Weight: 93 KG
    Packing Size: 870x880x1130 MM
    Material: S/S 304, 1.0 mm thickness
    Performance Temperature: -30'C ~ -35'C
    Thermostat: Dixell (Made in Italy)
    Blower Fan: EBM (Made in German)
    Compressor: Embraco
    Power: 870 W
    Current: 4.5 A
    Voltage: 220V/110V

    Capacity: Chilling capacity in 90 minutes for 18 kg food;
    Freezing capacity in 240 minutes for 12 kg food.
    Cycle: Chilling cycle for core temperature from +90 to +3 Celsius;
    Freezing cycle for core temperature from +90 to -18 Celsius.


    1. The door is self-closing, and the door gasket can easily replace.
    2. The internal and external are all used food grade 304 stainless steel.
    3. The blast freezer holds the versatile GN1/1 pans, they are comparatively large chamber space.
    4. Equipped with height adjustable stainless steel feet.
    5. Suggestion working ambient temperature +38℃
    6. Voltage range: 220V50HZ, 110V60HZ or 220V60HZ
    7. Equipped with a door sensor, the fan will stop when open the door, save energy.
    8. The door frame is installed the DEMOUNTABLE heating wires, the heating wires can be easily changed.
    9. Equipped with the precise food grade temperature probe. 
    10. With the DIXELL XB570L thermostat made in Italy can set 5 programs.
    11. EBM blower fan, made in Germany.
    12. Danfoss expansion valve, made in Denmark.
    13. Designed and produced base on the level 6 energy efficiency standard in Europe, they can save more than 20% energy to the other Chinese blast freezer.

    Why Choose Grand Chill’s Blast Freezer?

    >   Durable
    Probably, most of you always want to buy the best, whether it is for commercial use or family use. With so many brands of blast freezer today at the market, choosing for the best one may not be an easy job to be done. You may be confused if which among them is the right one for you to buy. Well, if you are looking for durability of the product, then look no further than what the Grandchill’s blast freezer can offer. Choosing to buy this brand of blast freezer can give you an assurance that it will last for a long time because it is durable.

    >   Safe to Use
    Another great reason why you should choose to opt for the Grand Chill’s blast freezer is that the product is 100 percent. And knowing that the device you are using in your home or business, can give you peace of mind and confidence in using it for your food storage. Aside from that, the Grand Chill’s blast freezer has been tested and proven safe under the commercial refrigeration of the United States before it has been delivered to the consumers. 

    >   Low Noise
    One of the top reasons why you should choose to buy the Grand Chill’s Blast Freezer is because it has low noise if compared to other brands of blast freezer. A Grandchill’s blast freezer is thermal insulation, that can help a lot in reducing the noise. Its noise has been regulated by NCT or Noise Control-Act in the United States.

    >   Cost-effectiveness
    When you choose to invest in Grandchill’s blast freezer, you will not only preserve or minimize the wastes but invest in this device can also help you to save more money, allowing your business to expand when it comes in producing great, quality and fresh foods. Much like nutritional advantages and bacterial advantages, expansions are very beneficial both for the customers and in your business.

    Vegetable from the blast chiller freezer  Fesh Frozen Fish  Meat from the blast chiller freezer The Application of the Blast Chiller Freezer  The Application of the Blast Chiller Freezer  The Application of the Blast Chiller Freezer

    >   Refrigeration Speed
    Another great feature of a Grand Chill’s blast freezer is its refrigeration speed. It chills from positive 30 degrees to negative 30 degrees Celsius by the temperature base by time or core probe. Also, it can chill, from positive 30 degrees to negative 30 degrees Celsius within thirty-minutes.  

    Commercial Blast Chiller Dixell Thermostat

    >   Door handle 
    The door handles’ G-Shape design is certainly the abbreviation for Grandchill. But, it is not just only about the design and shape that you have to focus, but also from the materials where it is made from. Its handle is a zinc aluminum die-casting, that provides a strong grip of use and smooth for grabbing. 

    G Shape Handle

    If you are struggling to find the most appropriate blast freezer for your business, then you should not hesitate to opt for the Grandchill’s blast freezer and take advantage of all the great features it has, and the benefits it will provide in your business.  

    > Grandchill Blast Chiller Freezer Factory

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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name 5 Pans CE Commercial Restaurant Blast Chiller Freezer GC-BC5
    SKU GC-BC5
    American Approvals No
    Approval CE
    Trays 5 Trays
    Clearance No


    User Manual
    No User Manual found.

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