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    5L Bowl 30L Electric Fryer Commercial Churro Machine TT-CM201F

    5L Bowl 30L Electric Fryer Commercial Churro Machine TT-CM201F

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    Capacity: 5 Liter
    Bowl Size: DIA.140x320 MM
    30L Electric Fryer
    50°C ~ 200°C


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    Churros is a strip pasta originated from Spain, which is the most characteristic of Spain snacks, often taste with the hot chocolate as well as the ice cream, jam, full of charm and fragrance. It is also popular in France, Portugal, United States, Caribbean, Latin America and so on. Generally speaking, Spanish churros is made of lough by flour as well as potato flour. Dough extrudes out through the lace tube to make the dough with the pattern, and then put it in the fryer. Then sprinkle some sugar or the cinnamon powder on the fried churros, the delicious dessert come into being.

    Model: TT-CM201F
    Churros Machine
    Capacity: 5 Liter
    Bowl Size: DIA.140x320 MM
    Weight: 38 KG
    Size: 320x580x1120 MM
    Shelf Size: L 665 x H 850 MM
    Material: #304 Stainless Steel
    with 4 sets of spout
    with stainless steel cover

    Electric Fryer
    Capacity: 30 Liter
    Power: 4 KW
    Voltage: 220V50HZ
    Fryer Size: 600x520x380 MM
    Fryer Weight: 20 KG
    Temperature: 50'C ~ 200'C
    Material of Food Contact: #201 Stainless Steel

    Churros making machine comprises of churros forming machine, churros filling machine and churros gas fryer and they are all necessary to make delicious churros. Everyone has its special function.
    Churros gas fryer can be used to fry food, of course it can be bought separately to complement your churros making machine for a better experience.
    Churros Filling Machine is a small type for filling the jam, cream or chocolate into churros, which make the fresh yellow churros becomes more palatable.
    Features of Churros Making Machine.

    • Made of high quality stainless steel, meeting the food standard and healthy.

    • Elegant appearance, looking elegant, luxury and fashion.

    • In the process of making the churro, you can change the churros’ shape and length at will.

    • Simple structure, easy to operate and clean.

    Churros making machine comes in different size, design and capacity depending on the size of the business.
    Commercial Churro Machine
    Commericla Churro Machine
    Operation Video of Commercial Churro Machine

    To know more about this churro machine, please check here.

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name 5L Bowl 30L Electric Fryer Commercial Churro Machine TT-CM201F
    SKU TT-CM201F
    Approval CE
    Machine Type With Electric Fryer
    Operation Type Manual
    Clearance No

    Operation Video of Commercial Churros Machine

    User Manual
    No User Manual found.

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