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    8X2 Liters Double Tank Commercial Countertop Electric Fryer TTS-902

    8X2 Liters Double Tank Commercial Countertop Electric Fryer TTS-902

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    Capacity: 8L + 8L
    Size: 600x600x470 MM
    2 Tanks 2 Baskets


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    How to Use a Fryer

    The electric deep fryer is high-efficient kitchen equipment for deep frying some food like donuts, waffles, french fries funnel cakes, mozzarella sticks and more. It can maximize the fried food output to meet the high demand, which is widely used in restaurant, food truck, or snack bar and so on. As for how to use a fryer? It’s up to you. You could use it according to your foods, your taste also the performance of your equipment. 

    Here are some common steps people will follow in all types of deep fryers. Firstly, heat the oil to a suitable temperature. Secondly, put your foods into the fryer basket and submerged the basket in the hot oil. You should raise the basket When the foods turn golden brown. Thirdly, hang the fryer basket on the basket hanger for cooling the fried products. Lastly, your fried food should be lined with a paper to drain the oil off your food, then your customers will always be satisfied with your service and food.

    Table Top Electric Fryer
    2 Tanks 2 Baskets
    Capacity: 8L + 8L
    Power: 2.8KW + 2.8KW
    Voltage: 220V50HZ
    Size: 600x600x470 MM
    Weight: 14 KG

    Countertop fryers are the best choice if people want to improve the working efficiency as well as save the kitchen space. With various oil capacities, tank and baskets quantities to choose from, you just find the perfect size for your business. You can fry two different foods at the same time at different temperatures with some specific models. The special material of handle to protect from the high temperature. Freely temperature controls for different food by adjusting the thermostatic controls. The fryers equip with crumb screens, which protect the heating elements from the crumb sticking, increase the convenience and safety, and clean easily. The fryer‘s cover helps protect original flavor from airborne contamination. With those specific constructions, it truly your best assistant to help you broaden the market and get your return on this investment in a short time. 

     Our Assembly Line of the Fryer

    Assembly Line Fryers Factory

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Name 8X2 Liters Double Tank Commercial Countertop Electric Fryer TTS-902
    SKU TT-WE38A(TTS-902)
    Approval Without CE
    Tanks 2 Tanks
    Baskets 2 Baskets
    Capacity 11-20 L
    Tap Without Tap
    Clearance No
    User Manual
    No User Manual found.

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