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    All of these machines from Twothousand Machinery are specially designed for the processing of nut foods, including almonds, walnuts, cashews, broad bean, peanut, which not only provide people with rich nutrients such as a high protein but also become one of the favorite snacks nowadays. So many nut foods processing plants need these machines to increase their productivity and save more time and cost.

    We offer broad bean machinery, cashew nut processing, almond blanching machine, which are processing machine of nut foods. They are all used in the same food, but functions and features are totally different. You can check out more details and differences of these machines on this page of our website.

    There are also many similarities between these processing machines. In general, they are made of high-quality stainless steel and run smoothly with low noise. Not only it’s easy to operate and maintain, but also has a long service life and reasonable price. Besides, there have the advantages of low labor intensity, high efficiency, and time and labor saving so on.

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    1. Electric Water Fryer TT-FR500-E(TT-WE1330)
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      Power: 12 Kw Weight: 60 KG Tank Size: 500X500X400 MM Dimension: 880X620X930 MM Learn More
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    More importantly, peanut blanching machine and electric auto lifting almond water fryer are designed with a high degree of automation, so there are suitable for a variety of processing-scale enterprises. I’m so sure that these machines from Twothousand Machinery can help you to replace a large number of manual operations to reduce the labor costs and intensity with short investment recovery time and high productivity.

    If you learn enough about kitchen equipment from Twothousand, you can check out our website to select the one you want. We will give you the best price so just contact us if you need it.

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