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    Bakery Pans

    The commercial sheet pans from Twothousand machinery are used in the commercial kitchen, bakery store and so on. It is specially used for making bread. Crafted from durable material like aluminum-primary color, aluminum-washed white, non-stick aluminizing, iron. With flat-rolled edges for improved carrying comfort. The cookie pan is perfect for making bread.

    We wholesale all kinds of bakery pans, bakery trays, and all your stainless-steel kitchen equipment. The baking pan sheet from Twothousand machinery has the different thickness for you to select, from 0.4MM to 0.9 MM. All the bread pans are easy to clean and can use for a long time. It meets the standards of hygiene so that what bread you make from the bun sheet pan is health. Additionally, it can resist the high temperature and not easy to break.

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    It is the smart choice for you to choose the sheet cake baking pans which from Twothousand machinery. All machines have a one-year warranty and you can get the best serves from us. If the commercial baking tray has any question, we will give you the professional reply. If there is not the man-made damage, we will offer you a satisfactory way of handling. Plus, we have more than 18 years experiences in exporting commercial kitchen equipment so that what we offer are in high quality.

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