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    Bakery Proofers

    If you operate a bakery, restaurant, cafe, bistro, or catering business, then these bread proofer from Twothousand Machinery will be excellent additions to your kitchen. It’s necessary for any foodservice establishment that makes fresh bread, dinner rolls, cinnamon buns, and other pastries.

    Our commercial dough proofers are designed to reach the temperature and humidity levels required for bread dough to properly rise before it’s baked. It is a warming chamber used in baking that encourages fermentation of dough by yeast through warm temperatures and controlled humidity. Besides, it can hold one temperature for long periods of time, which allow you to make your food and then keep it hot until your service is ready.

    We also offer models that are insulated to prevent heat loss, allowing bread proofing cabinet to use less electricity to maintain their temperature. You can set the temperature and humidity level inside the cabinet through the independent controls, ensuring that you can create optimal conditions for holding and proofing. Not only that, our bread proofer machine has an insulated enclosure that can retain heat and save energy.

    There are many selections of commercial proofer oven from Twothousand Machinery includes options of different sizes and capacities. Whether it's a countertop model or a full-size model, we can meet your low-volume or high-volume needs. So just contact us if you want to purchase a proofer for your business.

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