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    Beverage Refrigerators

    Beverage refrigerator is the perfect solution to cold storage in your restaurant kitchen, bakery, or other commercial food preparation area. It’s also essential equipment for the foodservice industry and allows you to keep a variety of drinks at the ready.

    There are many options in capacity and door type from Twothousand Machinery can be selected. Including the size and features differ from unit to unit that enables you to find a commercial beverage refrigerator from Twothousand Machinery that meets the exact needs of both your kitchen and your space.

    Optimize your storage capacity and save precious floor space by investing in a glass door beverage refrigerator. These refrigeration units differ from traditional models in that most have been tested and approved for commercial applications. To increase efficiency, many of these commercial beverage coolers use double tempered glass to prevent unwanted heating and damage caused by UV light.

    These beverage cooler refrigerators from Twothousand is equipped with powerful compressor cooling that evenly distributes cold air throughout the interior and eliminates the possibility of hot spots, ensuring your storage is never at risk.

    Keep your favorite canned and bottled drinks at the optimal serving temperature by investing in a commercial beverage cooler from Twothousand Machinery. We offer a wide range of best beverage refrigerator in various styles, sizes and finishes to accommodate any setting you need. Whether it’s for a new commercial kitchen or outside on the deck, you’ll have no worry about finding the best model to suit your lifestyle.

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