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    Bowl Cutters

    Supply all kinds of Bowl Cutters, Bowl Choppers and all of your Food Preparation in Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Equipment from China.

    The bowl chopper machine from Twothousand machinery is the ideal machine for saving your both time as well as cost. It has a fast speed to chop and emulsify the meat, vegetables, and fruit. Wasting less water that the shrinkage is less and the overall output higher. What is more, all in conformity with hygiene standard.

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    The meat bowl cutter from Twothousand machinery is made of durable material stainless steel or Al-alloy, it can support heavy-duty of the commercial kitchen. The cover of the machine is not only prevented any physical contact with the blade during working, but it also stopping working if the lid is in an incorrect position. That will ensure you work in a safe workplace environment. With the high-powered motor, the sharp blade and driven through enclosed-gear, the bowl chopper machine can handle the toughest processing what you need.

    The design of speed control of the bowl cutter machine is for you to control the coarse and fine of the food. Ensured that you are not exceeding food safe levels thanks to the heat generated by the bowl cutter machine. With the removable lid, it is easy to clean inside the bowl cutter. The commercial bowl chopper machine from Twothousand machinery are in a high quality, high efficiency and work stable, we have faith in our products will bring a better experience for you.

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