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    Bread Slicers

    Twothousand Machinery® is a pioneer in the field of professional bakery equipment for more than 10 years. Our bakery equipment has been the highlight of various exhibitions and garnered a credible reputation in the baking industry. Twothousand Machinery® is a one-stop-shop for complete baking equipment for your bakery house, with commercial bread slicers being no exception.

    Our commercial bread slicers save time, labor cost and expense. A trusted supplier of premium quality bread cutters, Twothousand Machinery® has won the trust of customers from all parts of the world, by providing the finest in terms of quality, competitive prices, and excellent after-sales services.

    Twothousand Machinery® is a prominent name in the research and manufacturing of bread slicer machine research and manufacturing. Our collection includes numerous commercial bread slicers including stainless steel and painted body variants, to cut slices of varied thickness. The cutters can be also installed with an emergency stop switch, which notable improves the safety during operation.

    Why Choose Twothousand Machinery ® Commercial Bread Slicers?

    1. Reliable Support: Twothousand Machinery® employs a team of widely experienced professional baking equipment engineers who are working with the company since our inception and always ready to provide prompt support to our worldwide customers.
    2. Exceptional Durability: Our cutters use premium quality imported blades and motors. These imported components are highly durable and extend the machine’s service life and reduce repair costs.
    3. High Efficiency: Our bread cutters are the ideal equipment for volume bread slicing needs. Capable of delivering an output of 240 to 450 pcs per hour, the slicers are perfect for bakery houses, restaurants, hotels, food factories as well as supermarkets.
    4. Reasonable Pricing: Our painted body cutters with competitive prices are widely accepted by the distributors from low-end markets such as small bakery shops. On the other hand, stainless steel variants with durable body and imported components are popular with restaurants and food factories.

    How to Purchase a Bread Slicer Machine from Twothousand Machinery?

    Purchasing equipment from Twothousand Machinery is as easy as ABC. Here’s an overview of the purchase process:

    Step 1: You confirm the model number, quantity, voltage, plug, color, special requirements, etc.
    Step 2: Make a down payment of 30% before for us to start the production.
    Step 3: Once your down payment is received, you receive the Estimated Time of Departure.
    Step 4: Our QC professionals test the machines once they are ready and ensure that perfect machines are shipped to every customer.
    Step 5: The shipping department arranges the delivery after quality evaluation, gets the machines loaded into an enclosed container, handles customs clearance, and sends the documents to the customers by express mail.
    Step 6: The shipping department tracks the shipping progress, and shares with you the Estimated Time of Arrival after the departure of the vessel. You are also informed about all the developments in the shipping process.
    Step 7: Your buy arrives at your doorstep, promising years of seamless performance and unmatched value.

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    In case you need any sort of assistance, please feel to contact our support desk and we will be happy to help.

    Need Help?

    Need Help?

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