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    Buffet Juice Dispenser

    Buffet juice dispenser from Twothousand machinery made of stainless steel or gilt. This beverage dispenser is ideal for serving tea, lemonade, or ice water at almost any event. We have a single tank, double tanks and tribble tanks for you to choose from, each tank capacity is 3 Liter. With its large capacity, this juice dispenser will minimize the time spent refilling, thus allowing your staff to focus on other things, it can save your time.

    With a mirror finish, stainless steel and polycarbonate container offers a high-end look and minimizes the risk of breakage while maximizing beverage visibility.

    Using the drip-free spout, this pouring spout is both stylish, durable, and won't drip after use. The domed lid is both visually appealing, in the top of machine features a knob which can quickly and easily remove for refilling. The commercial beverage dispenser from Twothousand machinery is in high-quality. It is the smart choice for you to have.

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    If you needed a long-term supplier in China, Twothousand machinery is your top choice. We have manufactured the fruit juice dispenser since 2000, for more than 18 years. So, we can offer you a top-quality countertop beverage dispenser. If you have any questions about the machine, we will give you the professional guidance and video support. Plus, we can ship the accessories for you for free if there is the natural destruction during the warranty time. What we offer to you is the best.

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