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    Cake Cutting Machines

    Supply all kinds of Cake Cutting Machines, Cake Slicing Machines and all of your Food Preparation in Twothousand Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Equipment from China.

    Cake cutting machine is widely used in the kitchen. The cake cutting machine from Twothousand machinery have the square cutting and recapturer cutting, it is suitable for mass production or small quantities, it means it is suitable for big business or small business. It adopts imported material tooth-shaped cutter, the blade does not contain slag, the chipping is less, and the cutting surface is fine, and the product is high-grade.

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    It is easy to operate. One button to start, the operation is simple and fast. The saw blade lifting type and conveyor belt speed can be adjusted. You can select the thinness and the speed you needed. Additional, our cake cutting machine is in high-quality. It has high-quality motor, high torque, low noise, Safety linkage device, overload, and phase loss protection device, the casters can be locked and safe and secure which ensured that you work stable and in a safe environment.

    Compared with traditional human cutting, the machine from Twothousand machinery has more advantage, such as Automatic trimming, adjust the width, calculate the number of pieces, to ensure that each piece of cake is the same amount, no waste of material; The cutting surface is flat and beautiful, unlike the artificial cut rough; Can cut rectangular, square, triangle, round cake, seaweed rolls, Swiss rolls and so on; High efficiency and work stable, reduce labor costs and save your time; The blade has a heating function, can cut mousse cake, no stick knife; It is more convenient than the traditional human cutting.

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